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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tutors Can Help the High School Transition

The first year of high school is a period of adjustment. High school brings new academic challenges with harder workloads and a pressure that every grade will now matter for their ultimate college choice.

A tutor can help a student adjust to the new environment and build successful study habits. Help from a tutor can ease a student’s anxieties in addition to providing expertise in subject areas. Students will face a heavier academic load in high school and have the new experience of self-reliance when dealing with their teachers. A tutor can help a student adjust to the faster academic pace of high school and manage the increased amount of homework.

As a parent there are things that you can do to help with this transition.
-Introduce yourself to your child’s guidance counselor early on and consider opportunities to involve yourself in school committees and activities.
-Encourage your child to involve themselves in the extracurricular activities that interest them.
-Help them develop academic independence and accountability.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Senior Year Timeline for September

Senior year is such an exciting (and sometimes anxious) time. Keep your senior year on track by starting off right this September.

-Finalize your essay and complete your common application.
-Schedule campus interviews.
-Register and prepare now for any SAT or ACT retakes.
-Review your study habits and consider a study skills tutor for improvement.
-Set goals for the year and organize.

Most of all seniors, make sure to enjoy these remaining moments of high school and your friends! You have many special memories to make.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Create Good, Independent Homework Habits

It is great that you want to be a resource and an active participant in your child's homework time. However, it is important that children take the initiative to work on their homework difficulties themselves. Parents need to strike the proper balance between helping create good, independent homework habits and doing too much for their child.

-Take an interest in helping your child.
-Explain homework directions and guidelines if your child is confused. Then let them continue on their own.
-Have the child return to their study area to complete their assignment.
-Be supportive and encouraging.
-Monitor their homework and review it when they are done.
-Ensure that siblings or other family members don't interrupt the student during homework time.

-Sit with your child nightly doing homework.
-Complete homework for your child.
-Criticize or pressure the child.