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Thursday, October 22, 2009

College Admissions Marketing Avalanche

If you are the parent of a high school junior or senior you have most likely notice an increase in your daily mail (and email) delivery. Marketing and public relations for colleges is BIG business! You are now the target consumer – welcome to the frenzy.

The mailings you receive are carefully crafted by teams of professionals following focus group evaluations, surveys, and thousands (at some school hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Now that they have your child’s name, you can anticipate seeing some form of communication from many colleges every 7 to 10 days. Repetitions is a huge component in marketing success. But you don’t have to let it overwhelm you or your child!

Education Perspective offers college admissions consulting to demystify and simplify the process. Best of all – our service is completely personalized for you. We become your personal guide to find the best fit for each individual student based on their specific needs, interests, and goals.

But what can a parent do to take some of the stress out of the college search?

1. Take the opinions of others under advisement but not as an absolute. What may have been a great experience for a friend of family member doesn’t mean that college will offer what is most important to you. Further research must be done.
2. Narrow the field of choices by establishing a priority list of “most important college characteristics” with your student. For example, would the student feel more comfortable in a large city or a smaller town? Start with the big picture and then get down to specific details.
3. Plan to devote a lot of personal time to research and then select 10 schools to review more closely. You should include campus visits to as many choices as possible.
4. Find out what colleges will be offering information sessions locally that you and/or the student can attend.

Like any other major investment in life, you MUST be an informed consumer. If Education Perspective can be of service please contact us at 617-694-5682.


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