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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Time Isn’t Slump Time

What have you done so far this summer vacation? I’m sure much of it has been filled with barbeques and sunscreen but don’t forget to spend some time doing something for your academic future. Summer is a perfect time for high school students to start a college search. Here are some tips and ideas for utilizing some summer downtime:

1. Make a list of your top college choices and plan at least one campus visit before the school year begins.
2. We all know that college is an expensive investment. While online this summer, investigate some scholarship websites. There are literally thousands of scholarship opportunities and you will be surprised at the diversity of requirements. These days, scholarships are awarded for hobbies, special talents, and unique interests in addition to academic performance.
3. Volunteer for organizations that you care about. This looks great on your academic resume.

I know that students have earned a vacation after working so hard this last year but do consider spending some time in the remaining summer weeks looking toward and planning for your future. Just think how much time it will save you once your back in the classroom!

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