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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Reading Keeps Students on Track

This is the time of year when I receive phone calls from clients who want to know how they can keep their child on track this summer and not lose those crucial strides they made during the academic year. The answer is simple – READ. Now, getting a student on summer vacation to read may not be so simple.

Research consistently shows, over and over again, that children who read during the summer do much better in school when it starts again in the fall. And, children who do not read during the summer demonstrate a significant loss of information and skills.

The most important element of your child’s summer reading program is you and your enthusiasm for reading. Be proactive and track down a summer reading list from their school or local library. Also, ask your child if their teacher sent home a recommended summer reading list at the end of the school year. Many libraries also sponsor summer reading clubs and programs which award prizes and incentives for participants.

If there isn’t a summer reading program available to you, or if you are going to be traveling, you can easily create your own. Have your child help from the very start to help excite them. First, make a list of books to read this summer. You can begin by picking a favorite author or a subject. Then, create a calendar of summer reading events and plan special weekly reading activities with your child. Don’t be afraid to incorporate magazines and websites into your program as well. No matter what, keep reading fun and integrate it into a joint activities whenever possible. For instance, prepare for a nature hike on a nice day with guides from your local library; visit some historical sites and have your child research it prior and be the tour guide; have them help with the cooking by reading recipes and writing your grocery shopping lists; or, let your sports fanatic read the newspaper aloud to you.

Enjoy your summer and keep reading!



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