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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Summer Tutoring Can Benefit Your Student

Tutors are not just for the school year anymore. While summer vacation offers families some much needed time off, it can prove a difficult gap for some students to overcome when school begins. Summer tutoring is a great investment for any student. And, vacation offers a unique time of year for creative tactics – a chance to engage a student in a subject outside of the confines of classroom walls and textbooks.

Summer tutoring can be helpful in the following ways:

1. Struggling in a subject. If your child had difficulty in a subject during the school year, chances are they will encounter the subject matter again once school begins. For instance, a student who struggled in pre-Algebra will see ALL of that information again with Algebra I and II; as well as on the SAT. When you compound difficulty in a subject matter with a several month gap of learning, students forget what they learned and the struggle begins all over again. Even if he/she is not failing, this is a good time to find a tutor to get your child up to speed and support them as they continue with the course.

2. Keep focused and maintain good study/organizational habits. This can ensure that content and skills aren’t lost or forgotten during a long break.

3. Get a jumpstart on next year. If your child typically struggles in an area, such as math or science, it is helpful to set them up with a tutor before the course starts. The tutor can pre-teach them so they will already have some background knowledge when they enter the class. So much more is expected of students today and the pace for many courses is very fast. Getting a headstart may relieve the anxieties of just trying to keep up.

4. Ease the transition to middle and high schools. For students starting a new year in an entirely new environment there can be many obstacles. You can help your rising sixth or eight grader with a study skills and test preparation tutor. This way they can have a first day that will be way less overwhelming. Additionally the tutor can start the student on the road to organization that will benefit them for the entire year.

5. Refresher on foreign language. A tutor can refresh content from a previous class in order to get your child ready for a related course. For example, the tutor can review Spanish before your child takes Spanish II in school. This is particularly helpful if there is a substantial gap in time in between the courses.



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